Pharmaceutics & Medical

We have the know-how to feed, orient and assemble two or more complex, precision components of various materials, such as plastics, steel or other metals.


We are well known for our stainless steel chute, vibratory bowl (wok type) and conical funnel (hopper).

Vibratory Feeder 24” (wok type)
Gravity chute made with stainless steel rods Conical funnel used as a hopper for vibratory feeder

We have developed fully or semi automatic systems to assemble, sort, mark code and inspect medical components such as Vials and Syringes.

Case Feeding System

Used to orient and sort 2ml plastic vials, count, and place them on a tray in rows of 12×25 for their final packaging in carton boxes















Syringe Inspection System

Used to feed and orient syringes coming from a filling system and direct them towards the visual inspection stations, automatically separate those with abnormalities, and direct only good parts to the labeling system.
Magnifying Glass Syringe

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