Automated Rivet Feed Systems



We have conceived a system that is most valued by operators of semi-automatic and automatic riveters. It is simple with only minimal training required. Installation can be completed in a single day and this includes the training of operators and maintenance technicians. For a minimal investment, you get reliability, high-performance & accuracy guaranteeing increased production yields. Our machine is suitable for all rivet sizes and fasteners used in semi or automatic riveters including;

  • Uncoated Rivets
  • Coated Rivets
  • Less than square Rivets
  • Hi-Lock Rivets

System Description

Our machine is mounted on a rugged welded chassis. Four vibratory feeders with integral orientation systems and escapements (for feeding up to 4 different rivets at a time) feed the rivets to the transfer tubes. The system can feed rivets from 1/8” to 1/4” in diameter with a length of 1/8” to 1-1/4” long. If a fifth rivet must be fed, the bowls are quickly adjusted using convenient set up gages. From the transfer tubes, the rivets arrive at the propulsion unit that feeds the rivets directly up to the injection head, which in turn feeds the rivets on demand to riveter anvil.

The feeder system controls include all electrics and pneumatics with a separate operator control panel that is installed within easy reach of the operator. This enables the operator to select the required rivet to be fed without moving from station. The system can run rivets of the same diameter but of different lengths, without the need for mechanical adjustments. If a changeover is required for different rivet sizes, the operator can interchange the injector head tooling at the same time as the change-over of chuck for the riveter anvil.


Our machine permits the orientation and placement of a rivet every 3 seconds or less directly into the fingers of the anvil. It can run 4 rivets at a time, but can also be changed over for different sizes in only a few minutes. The injection head is equipped with a dedicated tooling that can be placed even by inexperienced operators in less than one minute. Sized to suit the anvil on all models of semi and automatic riveters, the efficiency of this system is better than 99.9%. This system is compact. It can be located next to the riveter and moved from riveter to riveter as needed. This system is supplied complete with a convenient cabinet for the safekeeping of tooling and operator tools, and all necessary guarding with safety devices for protection of operators. Placement verification stations are also available to ensure that the rivets have been properly inserted into the anvil head; and if not, they are automatically rejected and captured, keeping the work area free of extra rivets.

Our machine is complete, compact and portable when required. Includes; four feeder bowls, propulsion unit, injection head and transfer tubes for efficient rivet feeding. Electrical and pneumatic controls are mounted in separate enclosures with quick connects where appropriate.






The Vibratory feed bowls are manufactured from cast aluminum and hard anodized for maximum wear resistance. The bowls feature quick change tooling for various rivets and fasteners sizes. Bowls, adjustable feed chutes, escapements and all level sensors are mounted on a rigid plate ensuring proper alignment. The Propulsion Unit feed rivets and fasteners up to the injection head. Two transfer tubes ensure fast, reliable transfer of all rivet and fastener sizes.
With the Rivet Reject the operator can reject any rivet from the anvil head by simply pushing the reject button on the control panel. Rivet capture system is included. The anvil opening mechanism will open the anvil, rejected rivets are captured and blown into a reject bin. The Injection Head includes a decompression chamber where the transfer rivets arrive, a vibratory floor (patented by Orientech), an injector, and a set of interchangeable guides. All are mounted on a dedicated mounting plate ready for installation on any riveter.
The Control Panel conveniently located on a swing arm mount; the controls are simple and easy to understand. The Interchangeable Guides are dedicated and precisely sized for each rivet or fastener. Further adjustments can be required once installed.


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