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Plastics, Metal, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutics, Food & Beverage

Orientech offers you a full range of durable feeders including floor or pedestal mount and vibratory or live bottom conveyor feed, with standard or low profile hoppers according to your needs.

The elevator width and product lifting belt style and material, and single or multi-drop diverters are all sized to suit the product and delivery speed required, ensuring a smooth and continuous feed rate. Our feeders are available in stainless steel, continuous welded or painted finish construction.

When a standard solution is not available, Orientech will custom-build feeders to meet your specific requirements.


» Casters
» Dustcovers


Bulk feed hopper with conveyor is the best alterative when a vibratory hopper cannot be used. Stainless steel bulk feed hopper on Pharmaceutical base is available.

Stainless steel elevator with caster and Lexan dust covers. Elevator Orientors are also available on request.


Special “Z” configuration elevator with bucket style elevating belt is available in painted or stainless steel construction. Bowl hopper can also be used when the parts have a tendency to bridge.


Standard Vibratory Hopper and Elevator


Vibratory Hopper STD8 (0,8 Cu. Ft.) Vibratory Hopper STDA (Standard)



The STD8 is a small hopper and is ideal for small pieces (Capacity of 0.8 Cu. Ft.) The standard Hopper STDA is suitable for most applications (Capacity of 3 to 9 Cu. Ft.)
Vibratory Hopper SFRA (Straight Front ) Vibratory Hopper LPRA (Low Profile)





Straight front hopper is ideal for long parts (Capacity of 3 to 9 Cu. Ft.) Low profile hopper is ideal when the height is an issue (Capacity of 3 to 9 Cu. Ft.)
Elevator ELVA Large Capacity Elevator ELBA




External parts are painted and internal parts in contact with the pieces are made in S.ST. Large capacity elevator hoppers are ideal for large parts and when a higher capacity or a greater capacity of parts is needed (capacity of 25 and 35 Cu. Ft.)

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