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Precision Cutting, high productivity

Orientech offers a range of models and features that allows you to select the right system to match your needs and output for different caps, cuts and lining materials including:

  • Foam Liner
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Cardboard
  • EVA
  • Lift’n PeelTM

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Some of the models we offer have peripheral equipment (hopper, elevator & bowl) integrated to the main lining system offering you a fully compact machine built onto a mobile platform.

Our cap lining systems are user friendly; some models may be equipped with a touch screen to facilitate operation and maintenance control. Our touch screen will guide the operators through set-up and notify them in case of any error.

Our lining (wadding) machines are designed to operate continuously at speeds of up to 200 cycles per minute. Multi-head tooling (two to six caps per cycle) permits production of up to 1,200 caps per minute. Other operations such as assembly, closing, slitting and folding can be integrated.

Simplify maintenance and reduce down time

We offer you high quality designed machines than can cut & place liner in different caps’ sizes by simply interchanging tooling and die-set. Easy access to the die-set allows operators to achieve fast changeovers and facilitates maintenance. Our new generation of punch and die-ring can now be resharpened without removing the complete die-set from the machine.

The movement of the push pad is driven by a cam and the timing can be changed according to the type of liner material. The servo motor assures a precise movement of the liner material in order to have a perfect cut according to the caps’ diameter.

Improved Quality

Our top plate is nickel plated to avoid rust without affecting precision. The covers of the material unwinder and scrap rewinder are of stainless steel for maximum durability.

Orientech uses its expertise in feeding systems to select the feeder that will be most efficient for your specific application. Depending on the size of the caps, the rate and the numbers of lines on the in-feed conveyor, 3 types of feeder can be used:


Vibratory Feeders Centrifugal Feeders
The material unwinder and the scrap material rewinder are attached to the lining frame. Once the feeder is properly aligned, no future realignment is required
High Speed Feeders

Our touch screen is well designed and very useful. Most parameters can be adjusted on screen and 3 levels of passwords allow the person in charge to have control over the machine parameters. (2 up) Dual head cap lining tooling designed for durability and long life.
Home :

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Counters :

  • Parts Counter
  •  Product Counter
  •  Time Counter
Alarms : (5 up) Five stations cap lining tooling maximizes output per machine stroke.
Alarms Parameters

(Delay for sensors and control level)

On boards troubleshooting guide

Alarm History :

  •  Generate report(Date/Hour)


Parameters :

  • Drive Speed
  •  Servo Motor Parameters
  •  Encoder Parameters

Status :

  • Automatic and Manual Mode
  •  Pulse and Cycle
Maintenance :

  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Annual: messages alert operators when maintenance is due.
Electric panel (motor drives)
Automatic lubrication system LM08 Dual roll feeders LM26 Dual cap liner material roll feeders simplify splicing and change over from one roll to another.

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