Centrifugal Feeders

Maximum Speed and Flexibility



Plastics, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutics, Food & Beverage

Orientech’s complete line of centrifugal feeders has been engineered to gently deliver a wide range of pieces at high speeds.

Orientech centrifugal feeders are built on a rigid, welded, epoxy-coated steel frame with a U.H.M.W. center disc. The unique cast aluminum bowl is hard anodized to protect against wear and features a curved profile allowing the central feed disk to be set at infinitely variable angles to maximize feeding efficiency.

Available coatings to suit most applications and products:

  • Stainless steel
  • Teflon®

We built them in different diameters with single or double disks depending on the type of piece and desired speed. Complete systems including bulk feed hoppers, elevators, centrifugal feeders and final orientation devices such as:

  •  Twist chute
  •  “C” chute
  •  Gauge rollers
  •  Conveyors
  •  Spacing wheels

Orientech offers turnkey solutions for the most efficient operation: fully integrated and tested equipment to guarantee the right output and reduce costs.


  • Caster
  •  Dust covers



Simple parts can be fed economically with Orientech single drive centrifugal feeders featuring air ramps.


All our centrifugal feeders feature a recirculation device such as air jet or pneumatic door used when the conveyor is full.
Tooled bowl’s flange can incorporate scallops (for round or long products such as containers).

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