Continuous Assembly Systems



Orientech offers a complete line of state-of-the-art assembly systems integrating many processes such as feeding, sorting, filling, closing, labeling, mark coding and inspection systems. Each system is engineered to operate as a single system according to the desired speed up to 800 ppm.

Precision Assembly

Our first step in the construction of any system is the prototyping and testing of tooling on your components to ensure the end result will meet your standards. Assembly systems are available with placement, insertion, pressure or rotary action. Components can be secured by the application of adhesives, welding, ultrasonic or induction sealing. We can also incorporate slitting, drilling, tapping or screw stations.

Depending on the size and complexity of the project, a touch-screen may be incorporated to facilitate operation and control, guiding operators through set up, and notifying them in case of error or machine stoppage.

We provide a complete solution by integrating different orientation systems for the parts to be assembled, along with a vision system that qualifies acceptable & defective assembled parts before being packed. In this way, Orientech offers you a full turnkey system that feeds, positions, assembles, inspects and packs the final marketable products.

Flexible systems suit a wide range of products

We design our systems to be flexible and versatile to run different size of parts in order to maximize production by reducing downtime. Features include end-of-run product purge, clean-out points and interchangeable tooling.

Orientech offers integrated solutions for a wide range of deodorant containers, caps / closures, inserts, hand pumps, tubes, etc. finishing and assembly operations

Our know-how results in cost-effective standard and custom-built solutions to maximize production efficiency.


Continuous Assembly, push pull closures



Main Turrets and Exit

Assembly system for push pull closures: multiple components are assembled on a single turret system in order to minimize space.

Sports Cap – Push Pull Closures

Continuous Assembly, deodorant containers
Entry and Main Turrets
The multi-turret station can assemble a large number of components: five-piece deodorant container. Deodorant container parts
Continuous Assembly, containers for tablets
Entry, Main Turret and Exit
The continuous assembly station comprises of multiple assembly heads on a main turret to properly assemble the caps onto the containers, a containers feeding turret, a cap feeding device and an exit turret. Containers for tablets

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