Indexing Assembly

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Plastics, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutics, Writing

Orientech supplies semi or fully automatic systems using intermittent motion to assemble different components. The systems can be designed as rotary indexing, or linear with nests or pucks that allow flexibility to assemble different configurations of the same product or completely different ones.


Other operations such as filling, labeling, mark coding, wrapping and inspection can be integrated on the machines. Components can be secured by the application of adhesives, welding, ultrasonic or induction sealing. We can also incorporate slitting, drilling, tapping or screw stations.

Our systems are designed to simultaneously assemble more than one product at a time to maximize productivity.

Single Source Responsibility

We provide a complete solution by integrating our proprietary feeder bowls to position the parts to be assembled, along with a vision system that qualifies acceptable & defective assembled parts before being packed. In this way, we take full responsibility to deliver a fully tested and functional turnkey system that feeds, positions, assemble, inspect and pack the final marketable products.

We have successfully installed assembly lines, world-wide, for the Plastics, Metals, Medical Devices, Writing Instruments and Cosmetics & Personal Care industries. Some examples include powder & eye shadow compacts, lipsticks, mascaras, lip-gloss tubes.

Our know-how results in cost-effective standard and custom-built solutions to maximize production efficiency.


 Lipstick Assembly Machine
Writing Instrument Assembly Machine
 Hi-Lighter (Pen)
Writing Instrument Assembly Machine
Assembly system for “Mascara” applicators
Assembly of 3 components: Brush, brush-stem and cap
Insertion and Screwing Machine
Assembly of 3 components: Bottle, valve and cap


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