Vibratory Feeders


100% Reliable Orientation


Plastics, Metal, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutics, Food & Beverage

We are experts in the design and fabrication of vibratory feeders that provide you with simple cost-effective solutions. Products are carefully analyzed to determine the feed characteristics required and each bowl is designed to progressively separate, stabilize, sort and verify the pieces as they are being fed.

Choose from a wide range of coatings to help protect and feed delicate products which require smooth and careful handling.

  • Neoprene
  • Teflon®
  • Epoxy
  • Brushlon®
Orientech Vibratory Feeder

Cast aluminum, hard-anodized to protect against wear, or stainless steel bowls, including continuous welded pharmaceutical bowls, are also available.

Orientech supplies the right combination of vibratory drives and bowl styles, sizes and construction materials tooled to suit your required feed rates. Our vibratory feeders also offer a cost-effective solution for feeding, sorting, counting, testing and assembly applications.

We convert a simple, standard, feeder bowl into a versatile solution to optimize your productivity.

Versatility to be more than just a feeder bowl

Orientech bowls are reliable and offer the flexibility to be changed over quickly. Inter-changeable tooling can be replaced as required. Bowls can include “go/no-go” gates to verify pieces and can also discharge oversized and damaged components automatically. Dust extraction points remove chips or fine particles that may have become mixed with product during handling.


  • Mounting stands
  • Dust covers
  • Sound enclosures
  • Discharge chutes (quick dump)


Dust covers (lexan) are swiveled to access the bowl inside tooling. Externally tooled bowl is ideal for high speed configurations.

Special coatings, including Brushlon®, eliminate damage to fragile parts.








Cascade style stainless steel bowl with epoxy coating and quick-change tooling can handle a wide range of products. Multiple discharges with twist chute for final orientation.

Vibratory feeders with a conical shape (wok type) are also available. Pharma style bowls are seamless, welded and polished throughout.

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