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Invest in intelligent assembly lines designed for your business

Our automated and semi-automated assembly systems integrate a number of different processes including: orientation, handling, feeding, assembly, filling, labeling, inspection and packaging. At your request, according to your needs and respecting your budget, we can design tailor-made systems for your assembly lines.

High-speed and high-quality cap production

Our cap lining or wadding systems can cut and insert liners into caps to seal the contents. We offer a multi-head tooling system, allowing you to increase your production and reach up to 1,200 caps per minute! Our die-sets allow for simplified changeovers making it possible to quickly adapt equipment. This gives you a great degree of flexibility, allowing you to tailor a single machine to handle several different models of cap.

An idea to develop? A project to firm up?

Starting from our standard equipment, we put our creativity and expertise to work to produce custom-designed systems to suit your requirements. Together, we’ll discuss your project and evaluate the possibilities for technical improvements, efficient maintenance and effective management. We’ll help you calculate your profitability, capacity and change parameters for your complete satisfaction. We’ll also take charge of training, installation and start-up and provide complete after-sales service.

Speed and reliability in component assembly

Our high-speed continuous assembly systems provide you with a faster production, which can work 24 hours a day. Solid and durable, our continuous assembly machines will give you a quick return on your investment. In order to increasing your productivity, please note that our systems can reach a feed rate of up to 400 parts per minute.

Highly adaptable parts assembly systems.

Our indexing assembly systems can be designed to add multiple steps to your assembly lines and to accommodate more complex processes. Adaptable and adjustable, our systems can be easily modified to handle diverse products. Our solid, durable indexing assembly machines are capable of performing unbelievably fast and accurate operations.


Our automated systems offering:

  • Assembly systems: indexing or continuous assembly;
  • Cap lining/wadding equipment;
  • Custom-built turnkey solutions;
  • Feeding and orienting systems (vibratory feeder bowls and centrifugal feeder bowls);
  • Robotic arms: Orientech integrates FANUC robots and products, recognized for their speed, precision and durability;
  • Labelers;
  • Artificial vision inspection.

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