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We work with you to design custom-built systems tailored to your needs

Our feeding machinery is an essential component of your assembly lines. The role of our fully automated equipment is to feed the required parts into the system. In addition, the equipment position and orient those parts, according to your pre-set criteria to prepare them for further processing.

A north american leader in the manufacture of centrifugal feeder bowls and vibratory feeder bowls

Orientation technology. Parts orientation particular area of specialization is so important to our business that we’ve have made it our name, Orientech. Our cutting-edge expertise developed over the last 25 years has made us a North American leader in the manufacture of centrifugal and vibratory feeder bowls.

By properly assessing your needs and respecting your budgets, we can design customized assembly lines for your company.

Supply you assembly lines efficiently.

Our feeding systems are an important element of any assembly line. These systems precisely feed the right part in the appropriate position into the automated or semi-automated system at the desired speed.

At your request and according to your various needs, we’ll work with you to design reliable, sustainable and custom-built solutions responsive to your requirements and budget.

Parts orientation through centrifugal force: great precision and high speed

At Orientech, we manufacture several models of centrifugal bowl feeders in a wide range of sizes. Our team of experts will gladly provide you with the best advice regarding our product offer, so you can select the items that best suit your requirements. Our staff can explain each one of the many advantages, characteristics and speed of the centrifugal bowls.

The most notable benefit of our centrifugal feeders is undoubtedly the access to a greater speed of production. Indeed, our feeder systems reliability can deliver in between 1,000 and 2,000 parts per minute at high speed.


Orientation of components by vibration: unparalleled reliability and durability

We also manufacture many models of custom vibrating bowls. Every single one of them responds to the particular production characteristics of our clients’ products, as well as meeting the industry’s accuracy and durability criteria. This type of system uses carefully controlled vibration to precisely position and control parts.

Once the components are oriented, stabilized and headed in the right direction, the parts are ready for further processing. The systems designed by our team ensure a sustained production rate of up to 400 ppm. In addition, they only require little operator involvement.

Orientech vibratory bowl feeders provide unparalleled durability and reliability. Some of our systems are even still operating after 25 years. As a matter of fact, did you know that we were the only vibratory bowl feeder in Quebec, and the only centrifugal bowl feeders in Canada?

Optimize your parts distribution

Orientech also specializes in the distribution of small parts in a constant flow towards each step of the assembly line. Among the feeding solutions offered to our customers, we find bulk feed hoppers and elevators. The main role of these two major components is to deliver parts in bulk to the orientation or handling system while ensuring a smooth and continuous feed rate. Those systems are modeled precisely according to the components produced by our clients, as well as the desired level of autonomy.

By using this kind of machinery, you will not only reduce significantly human oversight for your assembly lines but also reduce the risk of possible errors as well as saving financial resources.

Our line of feeder equipment:

  • Centrifugal feeders (centrifugal bowl feeder);
  • Vibratory feeders (vibratory bowl feeder);
  • Feed hoppers and elevators;
  • Automated rivet feeders.

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