— Feeder Equipment

We work with you to design custom-built systems tailored to your needs

Our feeders are an essential component of your assembly lines. Our fully automated equipment feeds the required parts into the system and then positions and orients the parts according to your pre-set criteria to prepare them for further processing.

A north american leader in the manufacture of centrifugal feeder bowls and vibratory feeder bowls

Our cutting-edge expertise has made us the north american leader in the manufacture of centrifugal and vibratory feeder bowls. Parts orientation is our particular area of specialization as can be seen from our name: orientech means orientation technology. We design customized assembly lines to suit your requirements and your budget.

Get the most out of your assembly lines
our feeder systems are an essential component of any assembly line. These systems precisely feed the desired part in the desired position into the automated or semi-automated systems at the desired speed. We’ll work with you to design reliable, durable custom-built solutions responsive to your requirements and budget.


Parts orientation: great precision and high speed

Our feeder systems reliably deliver more than 1,000 parts per minute at high speed. We manufacture several models of centrifugal feeders in a range of sizes with the capacity to handle diverse products at the desired cycle speed. Our team will be happy to explain the advantages our systems can offer you.

Vibration orientation: unparalleled reliability and durability

This system uses carefully controlled vibration to precisely position parts. Once oriented, stabilized and headed in the right direction the parts are ready for further processing. To ensure precision and durability, we custom build our vibratory feeders to match your product’s specifications. The system automatically runs at a sustained rate of up to 400 ppm and requires little operator involvement. Orientech feeders provide unparalleled durability and reliability. Some of our systems are still operating after 25 years.

Optimize your parts distribution.

The main role of the bulk feed hopper and the elevator is to deliver parts in bulk to the orientation or handling system while ensuring a smooth and continuous feed rate. Less human oversight is required for your assembly lines since these are custom designed to suit the parts produced by our customers and the desired level of autonomy.

Our line of feeder equipment:

  • Centrifugal feeders (centrifugal bowl feeder)
  • Vibratory feeders (vibratory bowl feeder)
  • Feed hoppers and elevators
  • Automated rivet feeders

Rock-solid reliability

  • Our team designs and tests all our systems on our own premises.
  • You’re welcome to visit our site to check out our products for yourself and to arrange for training.
  • We’ll deliver our systems and install them in your premises.
  • Our expert technicians are ready to train your workforce on site.
    This process ensures that your new equipment runs smoothly from start-up.

Why work with us?

  • Over 25 years of experience guarantees your project’s functionality and profitability;
  • Our customer-centred approach: we’ll “partner” you through all your projects;
  • “reliability, quality and durability” are the terms our customers associate with our systems;
  • A range of products to suit your budget;
  • A no-nonsense guarantee backing up our equipment;
  • Our professional technicians provide excellent maintenance service responsive to your needs;
  • Services delivered on time;
  • Staff training available in several languages including french, english and spanish.

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