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Orientech turn key assembly line
Hopper Feeder & Elevator Centrifugal Scallop Bowl Continuous Assembly Unit Labeling Centrifugal Feeder Lining Machine FANUC Pick n'Place Application Conveyor Application FANUC Pick n'Place Application FANUC Pick n'Place Application Vibratory Feeders Accumulation Section KEYENCE Vision Support & Training HMI & Controls FANUC Scara Fast Positioning Packing & Stacking FESTO Pneumatic Unit

Hopper Feeder & Elevator

Hopper Feeder

Orientech offers you a full range of durable feeders and elevators, ensuring smooth and continuous feed rate.

Centrifugal Scallop Bowl

Centrifugal Scallop Bowl

Orientech’s complete line of centrifugal feeders has been engineered to gently
deliver a wide range of products at high speed.

Continuous Assembly Unit

Continuous Assembly

Orientech offers a complete line of state-of-the-art assembly systems
integrating many processes such as feeding, sorting, filling, closing,
labeling, mark coding and inspection systems. Each system is
engineered to operate as a single system according to the desired
speed up to 800 ppm.



High speed labeling machine offers manufacturing and industrial users the flexibility they require while offering a low maintenance system with rapid changeover times and excellent accuracy

Centrifugal Feeder

Centrifugal Feeder

Our two-stage sorters combine a rigid central feed disk with an outer tooled disk, each of which can be set to allow the tooling the maximum amount of time to gently sort and dispense your products.

Lining Machine

Lining machine

Our lining machines are designed with a mechanical speed of 250 cycles per minute and can operate continuously at speeds up to 200 cycles per minute. Multi-head tooling (two to six caps per cycle) permits production of up to 1,200 caps per minute.

FANUC Pick n'Place Application

Stacking & packing

This application enables uninterrupted speed, reliability, inspection, sorting, accuracy and dexterity.

Conveyor Application


Thanks to our partner, Dorner, we offer you a wide variety of integrated conveyor system solutions and controls to automate and optimize your processes

FANUC Pick n'Place Application

Stacking & packing

Orientech provides you with stacking of goods thanks to mechanical end of arm tooling (EOAT).

FANUC Pick n'Place Application

Pick n' Place

An ideal alternative to complicated and expensive hard automation, this 3-axis delta robot has a broad envelope that makes it ideal for line transfer operations involving low payloads. Built to make best use of space, it works to strict parameters enabling line staff to work safely alongside.

Vibratory Feeders

Accumulation Section


Support & Training

HMI & Controls

FANUC Scara Fast Positioning

Packing & Stacking

FESTO Pneumatic Unit

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Working in a mutually respectful relationship means that Orientech shows an understanding of the needs of the clients and strives to meet those needs.


Providing a service, to each client, with honesty and integrity means that regardless of our position on a situation, you will know that we are committed to working transparently, allowing us to build a strong, long-term relationship.


While building our relationship based on trust and transparency, you benefit in straightforward communication at all steps of your project without needing to fear surprises, hidden costs or delays.

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