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For over 25 years, Orientech has been developing, designing and manufacturing automated equipment. We specialize in creating small part positioning and assembly systems.

We develop automated solutions for the plastics, medical, cosmetics, pharmaceutics, aerospace, writing instrument and metal industries.

Our continuing success in the field of automation fuels our innovative approach to designing custom-built equipment. Our experience is our greatest asset when tackling customers’ most ambitious projects.

At Orientech, we are proud to serve our customers in English, French and Spanish.

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Our mission is to develop and design innovative, robust automated orientation (positioning) and assembly systems for small parts.

A creative and meticulous work approach enables us to meet our customers’ most demanding expectations. We work with you to increase your productivity. Our commitment and quality is reflected in the lasting relationships we develop with our customers.

The person behind
the machine

Orientech is a human-centred company, and we take our values to heart: RESPECT, HONESTY and TRANSPARENCY.

Overcoming new challenges that combine complexity and precision while maintaining a close working relationship with our customers: this is Orientech’s goal.

To ensure the success of your project, we can bring together a team of over 40 people: dedicated, committed individuals always on the lookout for new technologies to meet and exceed your expectations.

A key factor in our success is a team spirit that enables us to meet the challenges of the most innovative projects. Behind the machines we design, there is real human synergy at work for the success of our customers.

An international
customer base

Orientech has worked with hundreds of prestigious companies across Canada, the United States and Mexico. They rely on our experience and creativity to deliver innovative concepts that increase output.

L’Oréal, Estee Lauder, MAC, Sandoz, Valeant, Teleflex Arrow, Molson, Goodman, Bombardier and many other companies have used automated systems designed by our experts to enhance their productivity.

Rock-solid reliability

  • Our team designs and tests all our systems on our own premises.
  • You’re welcome to visit our site to check out our products for yourself and to arrange for training.
  • We’ll deliver our systems and install them in your premises.
  • Our expert technicians are ready to train your workforce on site.
    This process ensures that your new equipment runs smoothly from start-up.

Why work with us?

  • Over 25 years of experience guarantees your project’s functionality and profitability;
  • Our customer-centred approach: we’ll “partner” you through all your projects;
  • “Reliability, quality and durability” are the terms our customers associate with our systems;
  • A range of products to suit your budget;
  • A no-nonsense guarantee backing up our equipment;
  • Our professional technicians provide excellent maintenance service responsive to your needs;
  • Services delivered on time;
  • Staff training available in several languages including French, English and Spanish.

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