Our expertise

Orientech has over 25 years of experience in the development, design and manufacturing of automated equipment delivered in Canada, United States and Mexico. Our roots are in orienting and positioning systems. This background led to our core specialty today: designing and manufacturing customized solutions for small part assembly using positioning and assembly systems, vision, and robotics, serving a multitude of industries.

We develop custom automated assembly solutions for the plastic, medical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, transportation equipment, writing instruments, health and beauty care, and CPG/FMCG industries. Experience is our greatest asset, helping us deliver results that meet or exceed our clients’ most ambitious projects. Our continued success in automation fuels our innovative approach to designing custom-built equipment.

Vibratory Feeder

Our values


Working in a mutually respectful relationship means that Orientech shows an understanding of the needs of the clients and strives to meet those needs.


Serving each client with honesty and integrity means that regardless of our position on a situation, you will know that we are committed to working transparently, allowing us to build a strong, long-term relationship.


With a relationship based on trust and transparency, you benefit from straightforward communication at all steps of your project without needing to fear surprises, hidden costs or delays.

Our history


Orientation Technologies

Orientech grew to fill a local market void for cap lining equipment, as well as for feeding, sorting, orienting, and positioning equipment. Our name comes from a combination of Orientation and Technologies.


In addition to the changes brought to the CPG/FMCG industries, the transportation equipment industry was being transformed between 1985 and 1997. The need for new methods to compete on a global scale was imminent. Our local market had a highly skilled labor force that was being compressed. Orientech was located in the heart of the transportation equipment sector, which was investing heavily in operations improvement.
Automation in a variety of industries that used rivets was in demand. “My Best Friend,” Orientech’s patented automated rivet feed system, was launched — a system that today is renowned for its ease of use and unparalleled reliability.

Orientech was acquired by Charles-Alain Carrière

Orientech was acquired by Charles-Alain Carrière, a businessman rooted in the local community. He successfully achieved his aspirations to grow into other industries. A chartered accountant by trade, Charles-Alain also has vast experience in the CPG/FMCG industry, including holding management positions in operations, sales and marketing at Molson Breweries and Pepsi-Cola.
Soon after being acquired, Orientech’s facilities were burned to rubble. Within weeks, Orientech rebuilt on a new location and was back in operation in a modern facility. This event ultimately had a positive impact on Orientech, as today our continuous contingency plan for catastrophic situations that grew from the fire helps us to meet deadlines even under the most severe circumstances.

MMC Automation Inc.

MMC Automation Inc. assets are acquired to accelerate Orientech’s growth plans. Ivan Stecko, the founder of MMC Automation Inc., joins Orientech along with a talented team with ingenious mechanical know-how, adding advanced assembly automation into our portfolio.
Orientech retains patents and trademarks from MMC Automation Inc.

New Technologies

A period when the global economy is fragile, Orientech brings new technologies to companies looking to streamline their processes, while improving quality and capabilities to react swiftly to market demands. Orientech invests further and becomes an automation integrator of choice by major manufacturers in multiple industries.

Industry 4.0

Management puts succession plans into place. Justin Carrière, having held multiple positions throughout Orientech’s operations, becomes a shareholder and General Manager at Orientech, while Ivan Stecko enters retirement.
The new management restructures operations to match best business practices while empowering Orientech’s talented team members to live by our core values: respect, honesty, and transparency.

One of the most critical learnings during this process was that industry-wide, lead times were rarely respected.

Orientech set out to change this paradigm; throughout the restructuring process, we partnered with the best in industrial automation and became an even more flexible automation integrator. These partnerships, aligned with our core values, have given Orientech the reputation of delivering on time while backing quality and workmanship in the process.

Orientech, automation integration with integrity. ( View partners )
Continuously investing in R&D, rather than taking risks in the marketplace, is part of Orientech’s DNA.

To bring Orientech into the future, re-investments in operations continued, most importantly, by helping its people evolve further while attracting new team members to join us.

Industry 4.0 is also introduced in the offices, from 3D prototyping printing, CNC prototyping, and Cloud Computing. An important transformation to everyone’s daily office life was the integration of Google Workspace, as the backbone to certain of our operations, which is bringing unparalleled collaboration between team members.


Moving Onwards

Today, Orientech machines and automated systems are still assembling products that are used daily, in a variety of industries such as;
Plastic Molding
Health Beauty Care
Medical Devices
Writing Instruments
Transportation Equipment

Careers – Join Us – Be Part Of Our Team

Do you see yourself working in an innovative environment, where positive attitude and collaboration are experienced daily?

We may be right for each other. We are located in the traffic-free lower Laurentians. Our team is growing and we are looking for talented individuals with mechanical experience and/or training.


We are regularly looking for electro-mechanics and assemblers who would like to join our team. Would you be interested or know someone who could be? Dynamic work environment, extraordinary projects and clients, very interesting career progression.