Plastics Industry

Companies in the plastic industry have forcefully evolved, due to margin compression, and turned to new opportunities; providing added value services by assembling multi-part components which require particular in-line production needs.

Orientech has helped companies grow revenue by providing them with custom solutions enabling them to offer newly added services ranging from component feeding equipment, part orientation systems, multi-part component assembly lines, visual inspection cells, to stacking and packing components and final products. By understanding the overall “VSM” (Value Stream Mapping), these solutions brought improvements to different areas of their process. Efficiencies in run-rates improved quality and often lowered shipping costs, by stacking and packing, are a few examples of where operations are enhanced with our automated and semi-automated solutions. Here are some of our successful realizations: flip spout cap assembly machine, flip top cap closing machine, disc top cap assembly machine, jar assembly machine, spray pump assembly machine.

We take the time to understand your realities and put solutions in place to maximize every step of your product’s assembly process.

Caps and closures assembling

Orientech solutions used in the plastics sector

Multinational corporations have put their confidence in Orientech to handle the creation of their automated assembly lines for products such as deodorant sticks, cosmetic closures, CPG specialty bottle caps/closures, roll-on closures, flip-top caps/ closures, ballpoint pens, felt pens, medical devices, and vast variety of post-injection components requiring assembly.

  • Custom-built turnkey automated systems for post-molding operations
  • Indexing and continuous assembly systems
  • Cap lining/wadding equipment, including wide-mouth caps/closures
  • Feeding and orienting systems (vibratory feeder bowls and centrifugal feeder bowls)
  • Robotics: Orientech integrates FANUC robots and products, recognized for their speed, precision and durability
  • Stacking and packing solutions
  • Labelers
  • Barcode readers
  • Laser markers
  • Small dose filling
  • Vision inspection systems

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Why partner with Orientech for your automation needs?

  • Our main priority is that we manage expectations and only make promises on what we can deliver, whether it be functionality or timelines
  • On-time deliveries reducing lost opportunities in gaining planned efficiencies
  • Over 25 years of cross-disciplinary experience throughout several industries guarantees your project’s functionality and profitability
  • A no-nonsense warranty on our equipment and workmanship
  • Our customer-centered approach: we’ll “partner” you through all your projects
  • “Reliability, quality and durability” are the terms our customers associate with our systems
  • A range of products and solutions to suit your budget
  • Our professional technicians provide excellent preventive maintenance service tailored to your needs
  • Training is customized for your team and is available in English, Spanish, or French
Caps assembly line