Orientech offers a complete line of state-of-the-art feeding, sorting, and assembly systems. Each system is conceived, designed, and manufactured to operate as a single system allowing Orientech to produce the right solution for your application without compromise. Systems can be designed to be as fast or as slow as required, never compromising dwell times necessary to complete each assembly operation. You may choose from intermittent motion rotary dial table, continuous motion rotary, economic intermittent or continuous motion inline systems. Additional stations or turrets are added as required allowing Orientech Assembly Systems to grow with your needs.

Assembly systems are available by placement, insertion, pressure, or rotary action. The application of adhesives can secure components, welding, ultrasonic, or induction sealing and can include slitting, drilling, tapping, or screw
stations as required. Marking, coding, labeling, and inspection systems, with automatic product collation and rejection systems, where appropriate, can eliminate downstream processes and reduce your costs.