Orientech stacking and packing system adds value for your customers by offering to reduce their costs, whether to secure your business, increase your margins and/or improve the quality of the parts.

Stacking and packing solutions are often left out of automation integration, as it is presumed to be cost prohibitive. A proper analysis of your Value Stream Mapping (VSM) may result in eliminating waste in your workflow. Depending on the geometry of your parts, shipping costs alone may be reduced by 40%.

Typical waste removal operations include :

  • NVA; Non-value added operations, such as waiting
  • NNVA; Necessary but non-value adding operations, that under your present process are necessary
  • VA; Operations that are normally performed by manual labor which may be improved by integrating automation into your operations

Key benefits of integrating an Orientech stacking and packing system to your automated line:

  • Major cost reduction opportunity in your process by eliminating any handling of the parts by operators
  • Improve workforce safety by eliminating unnecessary motions and non-ergonomic repetitive tasks
  • Reducing waiting times by not having your parts advancing in your process in a continuous fashion
  • Reduce double-handling and excessive movement of your parts
  • Reduce processing lead-times while increasing turn-over
  • Reduce excess stock and lower cost of carrying inventory
  • Reduce amount of rejects at your facility, rather than at your client’s
  • Reducing the amount of space used in your packaging
  • Protect your parts for shipping by having them properly stacked in their packaging

Features found in Orientech stacking and packing systems often include several technological solutions, such as :

  • Feeding, by Orientech
  • Sorting, by Orientech
  • Positioning, by Orientech
  • Orienting, by Orientech
  • Conveyor, by DORNER
  • Vision inspection, by KEYENCE
  • FANUC Robotics integration
  • Box shifters, by Orientech
  • Bag grabber/placement, by Orientech
  • Installation and Training, by Orientech
Stacking & packing
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Orientech will propose what makes the most business sense for your automation integration needs, either entry level semi-automation or fully automated assembly systems.

Every automation integration project has its own ROI; which automation integration solution is right for your needs?