Extensive Expertise In The Cosmetics Industry

Orientech’s automation expertise has strong roots in the cosmetic industry. Multinational partners faced several complexities in their attempts to automate their production processes — often resulting from sorting, orienting, and assembling third party components.

We implement many processes that allow for optimized productivity.
Our extensive proprietary know-how in feeding, sorting, orienting, and positioning parts, makes us the perfect partner to finalize component assembly. Orientech’s pre-assembly machines allow us to have control of the components during the entire process. The feeding, sorting, orienting, and positioning parts are often underestimated when designing an assembly line. Mastering these led Orientech to develop and market various custom automated and semi-automated systems that are becoming essential parts of the feeding, positioning, labeling, counting, coding, and packaging for a wide variety of cosmetic products.

Depending on the needs and standards of your company, we design flexible and fast systems to meet your expectations. Given the very high level of adaptability of our supply systems, you can also select the rate of production according to your preferences, at any desired time.

Our unique combination of expertise and innovation makes Orientech the only North American manufacturer with the capacity to assemble the wide variety of components used in today’s cosmetics industry.

We have acquired a comprehensive understanding of the automation processes used in the manufacture of cosmetics.

Here are some of our successful realizations:

  • Mascara assembly machine
  • Powder makeup mirror assembly machine
  • Compact powder assembly equipment
  • Lipstick and lip gloss assembly machines
  • Dropper bottle assembly machine

We only propose solutions to your needs and wants if they are feasible and fit in your timeline. We understand the risks involved with our partners not meeting deadlines and the importance of having the flexibility required to compete, while adapting, in the highly competitive cosmetics industry.

High-Performance Machines To Meet Our Customers' Needs

Major brands in the cosmetics industry have entrusted Orientech to design and manufacture assembly equipment for their products, including mascara, eye shadow, lip gloss, makeup, lipstick, foundation, and many more. The fragile nature of the parts used in cosmetics has made Orientech a trusted partner in automation integration projects.

  • Indexing and continuous assembly systems
  • Cap lining/wadding equipment
  • Custom-built turnkey automated systems
  • Feeding and orienting systems (vibratory feeder bowls and centrifugal feeder bowls)
  • Robotics: Orientech integrates FANUC robots and products, recognized for their speed, precision and durability
  • Labelers
  • Small dose filling
  • Inspection
Turn-key automated assembly line
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Why Partner With Orientech For Your Automation Needs?

  • Our main priority is that we manage expectations and only make promises on what we can deliver, whether it be functionality or timelines
  • On-time deliveries reduce lost opportunities in gaining planned efficiencies
  • Over 25 years of cross-disciplinary experience throughout several industries guarantees your project’s functionality and profitability
  • A no-nonsense warranty on our equipment and workmanship
  • Our customer-centered approach: we’ll “partner” you through all your projects
  • “Reliability, quality and durability” are the terms our customers associate with our systems
  • A range of products and solutions to suit your budget
  • Our professional technicians provide excellent preventive maintenance service tailored to your needs
  • Training is customized for your team — available in English, Spanish, or French