Orientech cap assembly machines are designed for custom multi-component closures for various industries. Assembly rates will be dependent on the size and geometry of each component. Orientech specializes in custom cap/closures solutions requiring high Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).  Standard cap solutions are also available.

Automated cap/closure assembly machines are used for several applications, including :

  • Disc-top cap assembly
  • Multi-part twist cap assembly
  • Childproof cap assembly
  • Tamper-proof cap assembly
  • Double-wall cap assembly
  • Decorative over cap assembly
  • Squeeze bottle cap and dosing insert assembly
  • Sports pull-up cap assembly
  • Pouch cap assembly and leak testing

Typical industries requiring cap/closure assembly machines :

  • Plastic Molding
  • Health Beauty Care
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceutical
  • CPG & FMCG

Orientation of each component of the closure is crucial to maintain continuous operation. Post assembly operations may include, cap lining, quality inspection, labeling, marking, bulk packing, and/or stacking and packing.

Let’s review how you may improve your operations by automating your multi-piece caps assemblies. Contact us to schedule a discovery call.

Orientech lining machine
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Orientech flip-top cap closing machines are designed for custom flip-top cap/closures used by various industries. Orientech specializes in solutions for custom caps, often with geometrical challenges, fragile finishes or for standard cap applications requiring high-speed rates. Run rates will be dependant on the size and geometry of the flip-top cap/closure.

Vision is often an integral part of the flip-top cap closing solutions to ensure minimal downtime in your post cap closing operations, such as a filling. Downtime associated with unclosed cap hides quality issues in your process. Keep non-conforming flip-top caps out of your filling process.

Flip-top cap closing machines are either stand alone, at your plastic molding supplier’s facility, or in-line within your operations.

Automated flip-top cap closing machines are mostly used for :

  • Squeeze bottle flip-top cap closing and inspection
  • Wet wipes flip-lid closing and inspection
  • Spice containers with flip-top lids
  • CPG/FMCG packaging with flip-top caps or flip-top lids
  • Any other application where a flip-top cap is used


LM-FLEX, all-in-one operations for wide-mouth caps (up to 174mm*).

Why insert your pre-cut liners into wide-mouth caps when you may do it all in-line?

Orientech builds Automated cap lining machines that provide unprecedented flexibility, with capabilities of automating cap lining operations with one machine for cap sizes ranging from 28mm to 174mm*.

Punch die or rotary die tooling options may be changed with ease.

OEE is taken into consideration by taking out complexities at the operator level; ease of operation and maintenance are key features to the Orientech Flexible Lining Machine LM-FLEX with only four (4) manual lubrication points, with HMI alerts programmed in advance.

*174mm is presently the largest Orientech tool in operation, larger is possible.

Let’s review how you may improve your operations with an Orientech highly flexible cap lining machine. Contact us to schedule a discovery call.

Improve your efficiencies by integrating an Orientech stacking and packing system to your lining operations. Stacking and packing solutions are often left out of automation integration, as it is presumed to be cost-prohibitive. A proper analysis of your Value Stream Mapping (VSM) may result in eliminating waste in your workflow. Depending on the geometry of your parts, shipping costs alone may be reduced by 40%.

Ask about our stacking and packing solutions when reviewing your lining needs. Learn more about the benefits in our dedicated page.

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